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On the 18th of Sep. 2017, the 7th round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and Austria under the title of "Human, Nature, and Freedom" will be held.

In coordination with the Centre for Interreligious Dialogue and Civilization of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, the 7th round of Interreligious Dialogue between Iran and Austria will be opened on the morning of the 18th of Sep. 2017 in the venue of this Organization.
This round of dialogue with the title of "Human, Nature, and Freedom" will be held with presence of Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman, the Chairman of Islamic Culture and Relations Organization, as the head of this round of dialogue and the presence of Seyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, the head of Islam Department of Islamic Republic of Iran Academy of Sciences, Mohammad Rasekh, Professor of Philosophy and Law, Faculty of Law, Shahid Beheshti University, Seyed Hassan Eslami Ardakani , the Dean and scientific member of University of Religions and Denominations, Abdolrahim Gavahi, the Chairman of the Research Institute of World Religions, associate professor at Tehran University and a religion researcher and the Dean of Alborz Campus of Tehran University, Ali Mashhadi, associate professor of public and international law department of the Law Faculty of Qom University from Iran and Adnan Aslan, head of the Institute of Islamic Studies and professor at the School of Philosophical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna, Wolfgang Muller Frank, professor of the university and member of the Department of Comparative Literature Studies and European Language of Philosophical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna, Stephan Hummer, Department of Legal Philosophy,Faculty of Law, University of Vienna, Jackob, H. Daibel from Catholic Theology faculty of University of Vienna and from Systematic Divine and Theology Institute, Mary Loisa Ferik, Professor and Head of the School of Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck, Felorin Schwartz, Director of the Institute of Iranian Studies affiliated with the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Deniz Koistop, the representative of the Austrian Ministry of Interior and Muslims and Christian Scholars.
In this round of Dialogue, subjects to be surveyed are: "the relationships of human and nature from the view of Holy Quran", "religion and freedom: a double-layered relationship", "human cloning and changing of Gods creation: Studying of a reasoning", "considerations on human, nature and freedom", "foundations and organizations of religious teaching in the society of Iran", "nature in the captivity of freedom: consideration on modernity disharmonizing and environmental rights", "religious teachings, focusing on Islam in Europe", "the philosophy of global ecology: the principle of Hans Jonas Responsibility-Acceptance", "humans essence is in charge of his freedom". "human-freedom-nature from the universal view of Pope Francis", "Is human entitled to Interfere with his nature? Two instances of considerable permissions and their boundaries" and "comparative surveying of the new articles in the field of universal Creator in Shia-Catholic".
The 6th round of dialogue between Iran and Austria under the title of "Cooperation between Islam and Christianity for improving positions of human values, justice and freedom" was held in October 2015 in Austria.

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