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The 7th Round of Iran-Austria Interreligious Dialogues

Stephan Scholtz: Fundamental Dialogue caused changes of considering religions followers

The ambassador of Austria in Iran said: "Today, global societies changed their way of considering religions followers and this is of the influences of Interreligious dialogue meetings."
Stephan Scholtz, the ambassador of Austria in Tehran in his speech in the opening session of the 7th round of Iran-Austria Interreligious Dialogue while expressing the greeting of Austria foreign minister and referring to the civilization history of both countries, reminded of the roots and old record of interreligious dialogue among these two countries.
Scholtz by emphasizing the point that these dialogue are very valuable for the government of Austria said: "I am happy that today we are studying the issue of freedom, humans will and his responsibility toward nature considering available cultural diversity from a universal perspective and with Irans prominent scholars."
Scholtz stated that: "Such meetings guide human society. The history of Iran-Austria dialogue is of 25 years and in these dialogue always religious concepts are referred to. Our responsibility toward the environment and nature is undeniable.
He added: "This title for this round of Dialogue is a bilateral and farsighted choice and exchanging of religious thoughts in this regard causes us to return to the culture of nature which is humans root and essence."
The ambassador of Austria in Iran continued: "We have a universal responsibility toward nature and in these Dialogue and meetings by presenting our views; we must come to a mutual thought about human rights, nature, and freedom through which peace and justice be actualized in the world."
In another part of his speech, Scholtz emphasized: "These dialogue caused that we come to suitable solutions. In this area, we need patience and persistence."
He also said: "In 2015 a memorandum of understanding was inked between Austrias Foreign Ministry and the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization for expansion of religious discourses so today universal societies changed their perspectives to followers of religions and these meetings had remarkable influences in this regard. "
Scholtz considered the ties between Iran and Austria ties of 500 years and said: "These ties are purposeful and structured, so our responsibility toward nature and the environment is a lot and it necessitates us to introduce the goals of this round of Dialogue to the world."
This round of Dialogue is being held by the best efforts of the Centre for Interreligious Dialogue and Civilization of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization under the title of "Human, Nature, and Freedom" with the presence some Christian and Muslim scholars from Iran and Austria during 19th and 20th of September.


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